"d10 Punk" Art Print

As the opening band's first set finishes, you approach the bar to extend the night's merriment. "What'll it be?" the bartender asks. You notice the stat-pins on their jacket. The blue +4 pin might represent a charisma bonus, but it could also be a wisdom modifier. You could perform a skill check to see if they know their stuff...or you could just leave it up to luck.

This print features the critical d10 (ten-sided die) as the head of a punk. The savvy tabletop gaming player knows that the badges on the jacket could represent knowledge, experience, and strategy can be reduced to nothing with a simple roll of the dice.

The d20 Punk art print is printed on glossy heavy paper, making it perfect for framing and hanging on your wall (frame and wall not included).

$10.00 USD

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